Starting from 7pm, its time to experience our newest form of entertainment.

Questions range from cartoons and comics to philosophy, literature, sport and movies. There is something for everyone, young and old. The evening will be split into three rounds and is designed to ensure no one feels out of their depth, or that they cannot win.

Its lots of fun, so grab a meal from our new restaurant and join us for some laughing, eating and drinking!


Every Thursday night from 6pm.

Fill your fridge with a huge selection of meat and drinks at the Lane Cove Club meat raffle. Heaps of prizes up for grabs. Tickets are on sale from 6pm.

Following the meat raffle is our Thursday night trivia. Win a round of drinks for your table and prove to your friends and family that you are the LCC trivia champ.



It's eyes down for bingo every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at the Lane Cove Club. Doors open at 9am and the first game starts at 10am. Come grab a seat, win some prizes and join in the fun. We have a very welcoming crowd that love to see new faces!

Free tea and coffee is offered to all players.

Upcoming Artists

Antione Demarest

Hue Williams

Jody Yates

Jim Gannon


October 2017

Members Swipe Draw Every Wednesday and Saturday from 7pm
Tuesday 3rd Trivia Magic
Thursday 5th Live Music - Antione Demarest
Friday 6th Live Music - Hue Williams
Tuesday 10th Trivia Magic
Thursday 12th Live Music - Jody Yates
Friday 13th Live Music - Jody Yates
Tuesday 17th Trivia Magic
Thursday 19th Live Music - Jim Gannon
Friday 20th Live Music - Jim Gannon
Tuesday 24th Trivia Magic
Thursday 26th Live Music - Nightshift
Friday 27th Live Music - Nightshift