The History of No. 4 Birdwood Avenue

In 1853, Jonathon Landers was bequeathed 161/2 acres of land in this vicinity, the address then being Nichols Bay Road, North Willoughby.

The area was known as the Landers Estate, and in 1897 Landers House was built.  It was the first substantial dwelling erected on this land.

In 1920, the Estate was subdivided and Landers House was demolished.  In the same year a cottage was built, using materials from the Landers House, on the site now known as No. 1 Birdwood Avenue.

Thirty seven years and several owners later, Mr. Claude Rodgers transferred the property to the Lane Cove Businessmen’s Club on October 4th, 1957.  With subsequent additions and improvements, the house has been absorbed by the present structure.

An original stone that was used in the foundation of Lander’s House can be seen set into the wall of reception.